The submarine hot spring hotel is open 24 hours, booking phone:0574-82356666 休园中

To play Raiders

High temperature cicadas chirping in the long lost summer

How can we not take our children to play in the water?

Dad and Mom, hurry up and save the code

Spend a very scary weekend with your child


⏰ Time: Half a day/1 day

Venue: Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Haipi Island Water World

Business hours: On August 8th, the park officially opened

Daytime 10:00-17:00

Night club 17:00-22:00


[Game Guide]

Playing in water, not afraid of sun exposure - indoor and outdoor water park

satisfy ☑️ Leisure ☑️ Amusement ☑️ Health preservation ☑️ Vacation

Freedom to play in water ‼ Drifting freedom ‼

Holiday freedom ‼ Freedom to take photos ‼


Some recommended check-in projects here


1- Submarine drift ⭐ : ⭐ : ⭐ : ⭐ : ⭐ :

Lying lazily in the floating circle

As the water flows slowly and sways

Along the way, various marine creatures pave the way for you

As if immersed in a mysterious underwater world


2- Mist City ⭐ : ⭐ : ⭐ : ⭐ :

Waterways, fountains, waterfalls

The most exhilarating hydrophilic feeling

Ren Shui blindfolded his own eyes

Come to this water maze and have fun playing in the water


3- Elf Wishing Pool ⭐ : ⭐ : ⭐ : ⭐ :

This is a water castle exclusively for children

Transforming into a fairytale world of water elves

In the hydrophilic slide and fun water play area

Let's laugh out loud with our buddies


4- Water 5D Cinema ⭐ : ⭐ : ⭐ : ⭐ : ⭐ :

Top imported equipment, the latest 5D technology in the world

Let visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile fusion be perfect

Both true and false, real and false

Experience an unprecedented thrilling experience in the water world


There are other interesting water projects:

✅ Rainbow Sports ✅ Hurricane horn ✅ Deep sea python ✅ The Kiss of the Wild Shark

✅ Happy Bubble ✅ Battle of the Sea of Wrath ✅ Rapids bay ✅ Rapid rotation

✅ Infinite swimming pool ✅ Sea Snake Swirl Dance ✅ Lost traces of relics ✅ Super vortex


The night club also features parade performances and island carnivals

Bringing children to play in the water world for a whole day won't be boring


[Essential Equipment]

Beach shoes or slippers, swimsuits, sun hats, changing clothes

Swimming rings, waterproof phone bags, towels/bath towels


[Gaming Tips]

You can bring your own snacks, and there are also food for sale in the park

There are paid storage cabinets in the park, so you don't have to worry about not having a place to put a lot of things

There will be a lot of people in the shower room at night, so it is recommended to leave early to avoid peak pedestrian traffic