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Hangzhou Bay Underwater Hot Spring is a hot spring convalescence base with the architectural style of Oriental Garden and the brand characteristics of Underwater Hot Spring. The undersea hot spring water gushes from the rock fissure below 2000 meters in the deep sea of Hangzhou Bay mouth, and the outlet water temperature can reach 63 ℃. It is a rare high-quality undersea hot spring. According to the authoritative test of the Hangzhou Mineral Resources Supervision and Testing Center of the Ministry of Land and Resources, the submarine hot spring water is rich in bromine, lithium, metaboric acid, metasilicic acid and other trace elements and minerals beneficial to human health, of which fluorine and iodine have reached the concentration of the named mineral water, which can heal the body and mind.

Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Haipi Island Scenic Spot, located in the south bank of Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Sea-crossing Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Century City, is part of the cultural and tourism section of Century Jinyuan Group, a top 500 enterprise in China. It is a large tourism project built and opened in Hangzhou Bay New Area, and was awarded the title of AAAA tourist scenic spot in December 2017.

Haipi Island Water World is an indoor and outdoor water park with unique island tribe style. 10000 ㎡ super-large outdoor wave-making pool will bring you the thrill of real waves; High-tech underwater 5D cinema brings unique sound and light perception, and the breathtaking and exciting rainbow competition, hurricane horn, deep-sea python, the kiss of wild shark and other large-scale aquatic equipment make you scream repeatedly; Children's leisure and water play area, water fog city, underwater rafting, and imagine parent-child water fun time; The endless swimming pool, summer food and special drinks, theme restaurant, sand island leisure area and other new characteristic products bring sunshine, beach, and wave-like holiday water experience; There are also Polynesian water style shows, island tribal performances, and tribal carnival with you

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Address: 928 Binhai 2nd Road, Hangzhou Bay New Area, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province



1. For your rights and security, please read the "Instructions for Admission" at the gate of the park carefully before purchasing tickets or entering the park, or log in to the official website of Haipi Island Water World to query relevant information in advance.

2. Some projects may stop or suspend tourist reception due to weather, maintenance and other reasons. Please pay attention to the park announcement or consult relevant staff.

3. For more tips, please pay attention to relevant announcements or introductions of the park.