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Group introduction

Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Haipi Island Scenic Spot is located in Hangzhou Bay Century City, the south bank of the Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Sea-crossing Bridge. It belongs to the cultural and tourism section of Century Jinyuan Group, a top 500 enterprise in China. It is a large-scale tourism project built and opened in the Hangzhou Bay New Area, and was awarded the title of AAAA tourist attraction in December 2017. The scenic spot consists of three parts, namely, indoor and outdoor water park - Haipi Island Water World, a major health resort - Hangzhou Bay Underwater Hot Spring, and a duplex villa-type hotel group - Hangzhou Bay Underwater Hot Spring Hotel. The scenic area covers an area of about 250000 square meters, including 2000 square meters of indoor water world, 148257 square meters of outdoor water world (6156.27 square meters of outdoor phase II project), and 83798 square meters of undersea hot spring hotel. With 1500 parking spaces around, it is a shared space of "leisure, recreation, health care and vacation" and a one-stop leisure and entertainment city.

Haipi Island Water World: an indoor water upstream park in the sea floor fantasy that is not afraid of wind, sun, rain and rain. There are more than 20 large water amusement facilities in the park. Tourists who like excitement can experience rainbow sports, hurricane horns and deep-sea pythons; Tourists seeking novelty can watch the interactive performance show on the water in the wave making pool, or go to the 5D cinema on the water to feel the unique acoustic and optical stimulation; In addition, there are many items suitable for family children to play in the water world of Haipi Island, such as mysterious water fog city, wonderful underwater rafting, and happy water polo game, so that you and your children can enjoy the joy on the water!

Underwater Hot Spring Hotel: Located in the scenic spot of Haipi Island, Underwater Hot Spring Hotel is a villa-type leisure resort hotel with high cost performance that integrates catering, meetings, chess and accommodation. The hotel includes 66 courtyard-style single-family villas, 65 business rooms, 7 courtyard buildings, 4 hot spring courtyard mansions, and 5 courtyard business residences, with abundant room resources. Among them, the villa group includes four categories: [two-room garden view villa], [ambassador four-room garden view villa], [president five-room garden view villa], and [courtyard six-room villa], with an area ranging from 135 square meters to 390 square meters, and the number of villa rooms ranging from 2 to 6 bedrooms. The villa is equipped with private hot spring pool, chess and card room, private kitchen, Japanese tatami, tea room and other special facilities. In addition, the hotel is also equipped with conference rooms, undersea hot springs, national standard swimming pools, gymnasiums and other leisure and entertainment facilities to meet your needs for food, accommodation and recreation.

     Hangzhou Bay Underwater Hot Spring: a hot spring health base with the architectural style of oriental gardens and the brand characteristics of underwater hot springs. Submarine hot spring water is a hot spring from a 2000-meter deep rock fissure at the mouth of the Hangzhou Bay. The maximum water temperature can reach 63 ℃. The iron ion in the hot spring water contains 22.00 mg/L, including 12.00 mg/L of secondary iron ion, 1676.9 mg/L of chloride ion and 4000.0 mg/L of sulfate ion. It is a "composite spring" rich in sulfate ion and chloride ion. It is reported that there are only about 30 places in 11 countries in the world, which are extremely precious spa. There are nearly 20 hot spring pools with different styles inside and outside the park. You can also experience sweat steaming, slate bath, mahjong, table football and other special projects while soaking in the hot spring.