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Ningbo hangzhou bay spring dream world co., LTD recruitment information 

       Ningbo hangzhou bay spring dream world co., LTD is located in the ningbo hangzhou bay bridge, south bank of hangzhou bay, century city, the tourism industry of China top 500 enterprises century jin yuan group, building open big 4 a scenic spot in the new district of hangzhou tourism projects Companies, including three major parts, respectively PiDao water world, big sports keeping in good health Hangzhou bay sea hot springs, compound type villa hotel group Sea hot springs hotel, is a Shared space, leisure amusement health vacation one-stop entertainment city As emerging industries of century jin yuan group, both opportunities and challenges, welcome to join。

Company benefits and benefits

1.High salary in the industry,Specific salary is negotiable according to ability,The annual salary will be 13-14, and five insurance and housing fund will be paid upon entry

2、Free three meals and midnight snacks in five-star hotel canteen all year (including holidays);       

3、Free accommodation in the apartment, equipped with air conditioning, balcony, toilet, etc. (daily necessities are provided by yourself, and water and electricity charges are provided by yourself);

4、The company organizes various forms of leisure and sports activities for employees,Employees are entitled to birthday gifts、tourism and other benefits;

5、All employees enjoy the group's training and promotion mechanism equally and have good career development space

6、Employees enjoy the preferential policies of internal housing, and qualified supervisors and above (including) enjoy work housing benefits

Recruiting Position:

1、One personnel supervisor:

(1)Bachelor degree or above, major in management, at least 3 years hr experience; Strong organizational and leadership skills, clear logical thinking; Hr Certificate level 3 or above; Good at office software (especially PPT)

(2)Job responsibilities: Responsible for the company's human resources management of six modules and administrative logistics affairs

2、One purchasing supervisor:

(1)College degree or above, more than 3 years purchasing experience in the same industry (hotel park and engineering transformation); Strong ability to work under pressure, clear logical thinking; Good at Office software

(2)Job Responsibilities: Responsible for bidding of bulk materials, daily periodical purchase of materials and price comparison inquiry (all online operations)

3、One Planning supervisor
(1)College degree or above, major in Chinese communication, journalism and advertising; Strong organizational and leadership skills, at least 3 years planning experience in the same industry (hotel park); Good at office software (especially PS video cutting) photography

(2)Job responsibilities: Responsible for the planning and implementation of various theme activities

4、Six security guards:

Requirements and responsibilities: male, under 50 years old, 4 days off per month, working two 12-hour shifts, responsible for the company's monitoring room and gate guard

5、Three Room service for:

Requirements: 8 days off per month,8 hours long and white shift (suitable for bao ma), basic salary + commission, responsible for cleaning and organizing the guest room

6、Six hot spring attendants:

Requirements: 8 days off per month, 8 hours per day, responsible for the operation of the hot spring area and customer service

7、Two waiters in the restaurant:

Requirements: 8 days off per month, 8 hours per day, responsible for breakfast buffet service

8、Two cooks:

Requirements: 8 days off per month, 8 hours per day, some kitchen experience, apprentice is also available

9、Five interns:
Requirements: technical secondary school or above, signed formal internship agreement, can cooperate with the school to submit relevant documents

Contact address and method:Personnel administration Department, 2nd floor, Submarine Hot Spring Hotel, No. 928 Binhai 2nd Road, Hangzhou Bay New Area, Tel :0574-82350606 or 17706749974